Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ticked Off

Computer virus of last month may not be completely gone after all.  While Himself tries to get that figured out, I'm on the iPad trying to master how an online volunteer signing-up program works, the one I'm trying to use to get things organized for Petunia's homeroom class.  It isn't a simple thing.  Why can't it just be simple??  In a separate volunteer issue, we (a town group I chair) have a major community event scheduled for this Saturday and we can't find enough people to help make it happen.  We've been having logistics-related meetings all week.  And then, on top of all this, the kids really didn't have a good-behavior day.  Overwhelmed and aggravated right now.

Having one of those moments where I wish I didn't feel compelled to get involved with things.  Wish I could be one of those people who simply coasts along on the efforts of others and doesn't feel obligated to give back.  My life would be SO much less frustrating and complicated.

Just have to get through this week.  But next year, things change.

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