Monday, October 7, 2013

Way Too Close For Comfort

We had crazy storms here this afternoon.  As the strongest of these was moving through, I decided it might be a good idea to pull my car out of the garage so I could get to all the afternoon and evening activities if we lost power, which happens regularly in these backward and benighted parts.

I was standing at the door that opens from my laundry room into the garage, keys in hand to move the car out, and stopped for a second, my eye caught by the swirling, bucketing rain outside the open garage door.  In the next instant, I watched with horror as the wind brought the kids' full-sized metal basketball hoop crashing down onto the very spot where my car would have been 30 seconds later! Note to self: time to put the basketball hoop somewhere else on the driveway.

I mentioned this on Facebook, and a friend commented that the car had indeed had a close call, but so had I!  That hadn't occurred to me until she brought it up: she was right, of course.  A very lucky day for me, indeed...should have stopped to buy a lottery ticket when I went out afterward.


  1. Glad you weren't crushed!

    Hey, did you say that you know Japanese? I have a refrigerator that is all Japanese, and I can't figure out which direction on the dial is warmer and which is colder. I'm trying to do it by turning it and feeling inside, but I'm not patient enough and it feels too subjective.

    Do you know the symbols for warmer and for colder? I've been trying to search, but I don't know enough of syntax to figure it out. And the pain killers are kicking in so I might not be focusing very well.

  2. I'm just glad you are ON painkillers, stubborn woman. :) I hope this means that you finally got your back checked out. What did you do to yourself??

    I can read some Japanese but I can't figure out how to get characters into either blog comments or an email. My best suggestion would be to go to Google Translate and do an English-Japanese search for either hot/cold or warmer/cooler...the characters come up on that site. Good luck!!

    1. Maybe I wrenched it trying to peer in my little fridge for the kanji? ;)

    2. Hm, the letters/characters I see do not match those when i try Google translate. Looks like it's subjective temperature for me!


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