Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Hat Is Off To Single Parents

I really have no idea how they do this constantly-on thing day in and day out.

Some good today, some bad.  Took the kids to a corn maze, which was a lot of fun.  Then Thing Two's mouth and temper ran away with him and he lost his next four days' worth of video game time in quick succession: not so fun.  That will suck royally for me tomorrow, since now I can't give him his DS to keep him occupied during Thing One's soccer game, but oh well.  Them's the breaks, and this is the punishment that works.  I'm just proud that I managed to remain calm (at least outwardly) while all this was going on.  He's having a tough run right now for some reason, but I will not be disrespected by my own child.  Ain't happening...I'm old school that way.

Got the kids to bed, dragged out my stack of Board of Ed reading material, and am slogging through it while watching the Notre Dame game and drinking a mug of tea.  It's going to be an interesting meeting Tuesday night.  Hoping that I can get my mental batteries recharged before then!

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