Friday, October 11, 2013

It's Been A Good Day

Not in a huge way, just in a my-little-life kind of way.  And that's OK, too.

(Except inasmuch as I just found out that the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) won the Nobel Prize for its work with the chemical weapons in Syria, since the husband of one of my best friends from grad school works there.  Pretty darned cool, if you ask me, and pretty big.)

Things that have made me happy today:

1) Two major, major things are off my to-do list: submitting an ordinance amendment to our local governing body (part of my responsibilities as chair of the Town Day-organizing group) and sorting out our heating oil delivery price for the year.

2) I finally solved a very tricky puzzle for a puzzle cache (my favorite kind) that has been making me nuts.  I can't resist a good puzzle, and this one involved reading shorthand.  I don't think I'd ever SEEN shorthand before today!

3) I was the first to find a new cache not too far from my house, which is a semi-big deal in the land of cache geekdom.  Since it happened to be raining at the time and this one was near a police station, a policeman came out while I was signing the log to make sure everything was okay with me.  Of course something must be wrong...why ELSE would any rational human being be standing out in the rain??  :)

4) I got a stripe in taekwondo, my third on this belt.  It's one of the self-defense ones.  Moving on toward Senior Blue...

5) Since it rained all afternoon, Thing One's soccer practice was cancelled.  Because of this, he could go to a friend's house after school for a playdate.  And because we did not need to be on the road after school, Thing Two and Petunia could snuggle under blankets in the family room with hot cocoa and watch Looney Tunes DVDs, which they love.  And the best part?  Both Thing Two and Petunia were upset when they noticed that their big brother was not on the school bus home, not realizing that he'd been picked up from school by his friend's mom.  I love it when my kids look out for each other.

6)  The contractor called: he's starting my job Monday.  We will have two weeks or so of construction chaos, but after that I will have a beautiful living room and dining room and no more leaky dining room door!

A small life and small joys in the big picture.  But I'll take them.

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