Sunday, December 29, 2013

Still Here

I think four days may be my longest-ever hiatus from blogging, but I have not fallen off the face of the earth; just relocated temporarily to a different part of it.  We're in central Oregon with my parents for the week (NOLA, I've been thinking of you and wishing that you were with your Oregonian loved ones too.)

I think I mentioned in my last post that my in-laws were coming for Christmas dinner.  As soon as they left, we ran the dog over to her sitter's, spent the rest of the evening packing clothes and snow gear, and left for the airport at 4:30 the next morning!  (Talk about a crazy week...getting ready for both Christmas and a cross-country trip at the same time just about killed us both.) We'd never flown with all three kids before, and thankfully all have outgrown the need for diapers, extra changes of clothes, and special foods, but flying in winter is an adventure at the best of times and fortunately all went well.  Let me just tell you: the smartest move Santa has made in years was bringing the kids new electronics to keep them occupied on the flights.  ;)

Three days into the trip, the kids are not even remotely adjusted to the time change: they are falling asleep in their dinner at 6PM and up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, raring to go at 4AM.  (At least they are quiet when they get up: see comment above regarding Santa and electronics.)  They are skiing for the first time ever: falling down and "yard sale-ing" as often as not, but gamely getting back up and trying again. They are on their second day of ski lessons today and having the time of their lives.  They've spent one day with their grandparents at a nearby very cool museum, where they had an opportunity to see an operational sawmill, look rattlesnakes straight in the eyeballs, and have their hair stood up on end with one of those static electricity balls at the science show, among other things.  Thing One has done some geocaching with me--what, you think I'd miss an opportunity to pick up another state?? not likely!--and I've suffered mightily (ha) through a most lovely spa day with my mother.  I have beautiful scarlet nails now and no more crinks and crunches in my neck, courtesy of a strong-handed masseur named Joseph.   We have three more days more of skiing for all but me (my knees can't take it so I'm not even going up the mountain) and two more of peace and quiet.  We even have additional family coming in today: my brother's wife and two cousins for the kids to play with.

Thing Two has done remarkably well, all things considered.  He doesn't do well with the unfamiliar, and this week has been nothing but 'different' for him.  He's been a trouper.  I never had any doubts about the other two: as expected, they are loving the new adventures and the time with my parents.  Even without the adventures, this week would be about time with beloved family members that we see all too infrequently because of inconvenient geography, and seizing the moments that we do have together.  So...if you notice that I am AWOL far more often than usual this week, please be happy for me!

Laid back, West-Coast style good holiday wishes coming to you all...

Mama D

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