Monday, February 3, 2014


This little guy turned 43 today.

Despite the forecast for miserable weather, he had important meetings today that he couldn't skip.  He left for work at 5AM, before the worst of the snow hit, but then drove home this afternoon in ten inches of the heaviest, wettest snow imaginable.  It took Thing One and I about 90 minutes just to shovel out the bottom third of the driveway (the sloped part) before he got home so that he would have a fighting chance of getting back up to the house!  Poor kid, the shovel is almost as tall as he is, but as the next biggest and strongest in the house, he got the job of helping me since the task was monumental.  I can't wait until the boys are a little bigger so that I can send them out to do that job together while I stay inside!  The roads were miserable: while we were shoveling, a truck spun out on the road not thirty yards from the end of the driveway and landed in the ditch.  And not a puny little truck, either; a big one, jacked up with monster truck-type wheels.   When the plow guy came to do the driveway a little later, he was driving a dump truck instead of his usual pickup, and he needed it!  He plowed up huge mountains of snow along the driveway that are serving as forts in a wicked snowball fight as I type.

Courtesy of the snow, we are going to have a slower evening than usual, anyway.  No soccer, no baseball planning meeting.  Just dinner and presents and a fire; very nice after the insane weekend we had.  At the birthday boy's request, we are having a Thai(ish) peanut chicken and noodles dish followed by banana pudding (the kind made with Nilla wafers, sliced bananas, custard, and whipped cream) for dessert.  Not the most likely match, but on birthdays I make whatever the birthday person requests.

Looks like we have snow coming both Wednesday and Saturday as well.  At the rate we are going, the kids will be in school well into July!  

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  1. Best wishes to the Birthday Boy! I'm glad he didn't spend the evening stuck in a snowbank.


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