Thursday, February 13, 2014


Thing Two made the travel soccer team!  We got an email to that effect yesterday (apparently the trainer for his team and the head of the program had different tryout schedules in mind.)  He will be going to the practice Sunday night again, but this time as a member of the B team.  A and B are separated by ability, and I am very happy that he was assigned to the B team because generally there is much less pressure there, which would make it a better place for Thing Two to test the waters.  Thing One also plays on the B team at his level (U11), and blessedly so since the psycho nutjob reliving-my-youth, my-kid-is-the-center-of-the-universe dads' kids are all on the A team.  Every year Thing One ends up on the bubble between A and B at tryouts, and every year we ask that he stay on B.  He'll play more at the top of B than he would as a benchwarmer on A, and this way we don't need to deal with the parent drama on A, of which there is an astonishing abundance.  I have no idea if the U8 A team parent community is as cuckoo for cocoa puffs as its U11 counterpart, but I don't want to find out right now either!

In other news, it is snowing sideways here right now, big honking flakes coming down at a rate of more than an inch an hour.  I am not amused, but at least we are reasonably well prepared for The Potential Event Which Shall Not Be Named Lest It Tempt The Gods.  We've gotten at least eight or ten inches already and we have close to 24 hours of storm (off and on) yet to go.  For obvious reasons, the kids are home from school yet AGAIN and Himself is working from home, holed up in the office on a teleconference at the moment.  Very glad that all my chicks are in the nest, and the weather will be what it will be.  I saw a robin the other day and laughed out loud...clearly it is one mightily and profoundly confused little bird.

Really hoping we will get out of this $@&!$ snow globe soon,
Mama D


ETA: Himself just went out with a yardstick.  There is 10.5" of snow on the driveway already!


  1. Congrats to Thing Two! Does that make the to- ing and fro- ing any easier?

  2. Sadly, no, Joan: quite the reverse. Since Thing Two and Petunia were formerly on the same rec team, we've now gone from two sets of soccer practices and games per week to three! Since all three teams have games on Sunday afternoons, the logistics are about to become completely insane. That said, Thing Two earned his spot fair and square and we'll figure out a way to make it all work. A good friend of his is trying out for the same team this Sunday, and we are hoping he makes it as well because it will make carpooling possible!!


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