Friday, February 21, 2014

Reality Check Times Two

I guess three, if you include my former classmate from the last post.

I mentioned a while back that my next taekwondo belt test will be in a different format; effectively a watered-down version of the black belt test, since my next belt is considered a high belt.  The instructor for this morning's class decided to run a simulated black belt test in class just so we could see how we stack up against the physical requirements at this point.

Let me just say: HOLY COW.

Three minutes each of jumping jacks and sit-ups: no problem, but I'm sure my abs will hate me tomorrow and Saturday.  Three minutes of pushups, however: no freaking way.  I've been working on planks and pushups but clearly have a long way to go.  Bagwork: three minutes hand techniques only, four minutes foot techniques only, then 7 minutes hands and feet together.  Combinations.  Laps of the room.  All the forms and self-defenses in rapid succession, no rest in between.  All told, about an hour, and I was exhausted and dripping sweat at the end, although I did manage to do everything except the pushups without any major difficulty.  The actual test will be closer to three hours long and include a great deal of sparring and some board-breaking as well, so I have my work cut out for me!  The instructor is going to do these simulations about once a month, which will be a fantastic yardstick of progress at least.

After class I ran a few errands and then walked in the door at home to a ringing phone: Thing Two's occupational therapist.  Apparently he's having spatial awareness issues again (i.e., not being entirely sure where his body is in space, which manifests in things like bumping into people and walls.)  As a preschooler, he routinely attempted to walk through people, so he's made a lot of progress, but has apparently regressed in the last few weeks.  I'm wondering if it's because he's growing, which the sudden flood-iness of his pants would indicate.  At any rate, she made some suggestions regarding clothing and shoes and hopefully those will help...there is never a dull moment with this kid.  I knew there was an issue as soon as I saw who was calling: strangely enough, none of the therapists ever call me just to tell me that my son is doing well!  In the grand scheme of things, though, this is small potatoes and perspective is always a good thing.

Rain outside today (thankfully not snow) but gray and gloomy.  I plan to spend the rest of the afternoon hibernating with all the lights on and a good book!        

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