Tuesday, February 11, 2014

No News

This particular flashback to the '90s was the earworm in my head for most of today.  Took me a while to realize why...not one of my brighter moments.

Thing Two's soccer tryout went pretty well, as far as Himself could tell.  Unfortunately, we haven't heard anything official back yet.  We're also getting mixed messages as to just how many additional boys they are looking to pick up, which is frustrating.  I happened to run into the head of the travel soccer program at the gym this evening, and he told me to make sure Thing Two goes to the same practice again this Sunday evening since two more boys will be trying out then.   Hopefully they will let us know something after that practice, since they are getting the kid's hopes up.  Also, it's time to sign up for spring baseball, and I'm not sure that the travel soccer and baseball schedules are compatible.  If he doesn't make the soccer team, he will be playing baseball for sure.  I've gone from not being sure whether or not I should hope he makes the soccer team to just wanting to know one way or the other so we can move on accordingly.

The ground is white: six to eight inches of snow covered with ice right now.  I haven't seen grass since early January, since it's been too cold for any of the snowfall to melt.  And here we are, battening down the hatches for yet another dump, this one potentially major.  We're hearing everything from ten to 22 inches depending on the source.  I am so sick of this!!  I had to move a couple of the new caches I just set out because they were too close together--it was a slog just getting to them today and I can't even imagine what that haul would be like at the end of the week with another foot-plus on the ground.   Also picked up more firewood and made another run to the store today for pre-storm essentials...for kicks, I threw a set of long campfire cooking tongs in the cart as well.  Maybe we'll do hot dogs and marshmallows camping style if the power goes out.

Oh well.  Petunia got her red stripe today, so she'll be testing for a new taekwondo belt at the end of the month.  One step closer to having all three of my children in one class!  I'll take my bright spots where I can find them.    

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