Friday, February 7, 2014


Today's sunset, taken from the back of the driveway.  Imagine how beautiful this would be if it were taken with a 'real' camera rather than my iPhone, if you please.

Thing One had an away basketball game tonight.  The school where the game was held is at the end of Hog Hollow Road, I kid you not.  (See all of my previous comments and blog posts related to boonies, life therein.)  His team won handily, and he scored twice, his first baskets of the season.  His first successful shot was also the first basket of the game: the other team was quite taken aback when our entire bleacher section erupted in stomps and cheers!  Not exactly the normal reaction to a routine opening layup, but it says something about the kid that every parent in the bleachers was pulling for him to finally have a shot drop.  As is our custom, there will be celebratory ice cream tomorrow.

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