Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thrown For A Loop

Just learned via Facebook that a middle school classmate I remember well is dead.  He was an attorney; I gather that he had some disappointments trying to make partner at one of the big firms, developed a drinking problem, got fired, got divorced, and died.  I can't tell if his death was deliberate or accidental, but what a freaking waste.  Especially since he left behind two tween-aged kids.

He's not the first of our classmates to pass away (one died of cancer when we were just out of college) but he's the first to go this way, the victim of midlife crisis, addiction, depression and ambition.  I don't feel middle-aged, but the mirror tells me otherwise, and a little more of the illusion of youth disappeared today.  RIP, my friend...may you finally be free of your demons.

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