Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hooped Out

Thursday night game for Thing One.  Friday night game for Thing One.  The regular practice/scrimmages for Petunia and Thing Two this morning.  And finally, a trip to one of the nearer Big Cities for a college basketball game (at Himself's undergrad alma mater) with the family this evening.

With the exception of the Thursday night game, which was beyond ugly, all were wins for the good guys.  Petunia made a basket in her game this morning, as did the child who needed extra help before our practice. (!)  Another of my young beginners drove straight down the middle of the key between two defenders (!!) and then scored (!!!) before my truly gobsmacked eyes.  It looks beyond ridiculous when a coach is jumping up and down with joy on the sideline and I don't care one little bit, I am so happy for those kids.

My own kids seem to be a good-luck charm for the college team: we took them to a game last year as well, and both times these guys won against much higher-ranked opponents.  We're expecting invitations to big games from the team if this trend continues.  We make a half-day of it, going down early so that we have time for a trip to the college bookstore for hats and shirts and such and then dinner before the game.  The kids were exhausted when we got home, but they had a blast and so did we.  Nevertheless, I'm glad that there is nothing whatsoever basketball-related on the schedule for tomorrow!

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