Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This was the view from my driveway this morning.

And this, looking a different way.

Beautiful, right??  No doubt.

However, courtesy of yesterday's snowstorm, the kids had a 90-minute delayed opening this morning: they were still clearing roads to make them safe for the buses.

Just after I took the pics above, I took this one.

That's two stacks of firewood from the stand down the street, which I picked up right after I put the kids on the bus.

Because, since we haven't had enough winter yet, a major ice storm is coming tonight.  This means that we will likely lose power, and therefore all other utilities: we may need the wood for heat.  And we will also be stockpiling water in bins, since when we have no power, we have no water.

The ice storm also most likely means that the kids will have no school tomorrow, to go along with their missed day Monday and half day today.



  1. Gorgeous!

    Sorry for your intense winter ... but I'm jealous of your photos. :)

  2. It is beautiful, but man...can we please have a thaw, at least??? And another whopper of my storm is due over the weekend, which means no respite for the weary!!


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