Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bad Mom Moment

Every Wednesday, Thing One has a piano lesson after school.  I drop him off at his teacher's house and then take the younger two to the county library to keep them occupied until it's time to pick him up again.  Happily, piano lesson time happens to coincide with therapy-dog-at-the-library time (a program wherein kids are encouraged to read to the dogs) so they stop in to visit the dogs, grab some new books quickly, and then we head out.

As it happened, both kids' favorite dogs were there this week.  Thing Two loves a beautiful yellow lab named River, and The Girl a small shaggy brown mutt with a snub nose named Ben.  By this stage of the game, I know all the dogs too and enjoy petting them as much as the kids do!  Unfortunately, I crossed a line with that this evening, giving Jane the librarian a good laugh in the process.

Much to The Girl's annoyance, Ben has taken a particular shine to me.  Whenever I sit down near him, he climbs immediately into my lap, wriggling with joy all the while.  After a few minutes of this, she asked me plaintively if she could have a turn playing with him too!!

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