Saturday, April 6, 2013

I Really Wanted To Quit My Job Today

Which is why this article, which coincidentally appeared in my Facebook feed this morning, resonated so strongly with me!

Go read it.  Really.  Especially if you are a parent of small children.  It's funny, except that it isn't: the truth in it cuts painfully close to the bone.  How many thousands of times do we all bite back what we really want to say to our children in favor of saying something that is polite, appropriate, not profane, and not likely to leave us in hot water with Child Protective Services??  The little twerps know just where our parental buttons are and appear to take positive joy in pushing them, or maybe that's just what happens at my house.

Anyhoo.  By ten o'clock this morning, I had HAD ENOUGH.  The whining.  The arguing.  The sassing.  The not listening.  The bickering.  Etc.  Etc.  Not a good way to start a weekend.  Honestly, if motherhood were actually a job that I could quit, I would have seriously considered doing it today.  This mother clearly needs an upgrade to a more patient version, or at least one with a higher tolerance for alcohol.

Anyhoo again.

Himself periodically reminds me that I can't control the behavior of others; that all I can do is control my own reaction to what they do.  And he's correct, of course.

But when he said that to me today, I just looked at him.  And then calmly pointed out that all of our children were in one piece and that I had not spent the morning screaming at them, which as far as I was concerned, demonstrates pretty damned good control over my reactions to what other people do, thank you very much!

I think I'm developing an ulcer, though.  I wonder why???        


  1. Poor thing. I am lucky to get such a long stretch of time while the kids are at school, but even with that I almost lose my mind!

  2. Thanks, Jennie. Usually I have some downtime while my kids are in school as well, but the last three weeks have been completely nuts and the boys were off one week for Easter and my daughter the next on top of that, so somebody has been with me all day every day for two weeks straight now. What will I do during the summer??? :)


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