Friday, April 5, 2013

Murphy's Law Strikes, Yet Again

Activity Night at school tonight.  Games in the gym and cafeteria, balls flying, kids large and small running wild everywhere, fun night until 15 minutes before the end.  The point of the evening was to have parents and kids playing games together, and one kid playing the same game as me was driving me absolutely frigging nuts.  The fourth or fifth time I had to ask him to stop doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing, I just called it quits and walked over to where some of the other parents were hanging out.

When I got there, I made some comment to the lady next to me about it being time to stop playing a game when I'm ready to start yelling at somebody else's kid.  I didn't even know who the kid was: turned out I was complaining to his mother.  You knew that was coming.

I wasn't the only adult he sent packing out of sheer frustration, and in fairness to her, she did go and tell him off.  But what are the odds??  Damn you, Murphy...      

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