Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Some Battles Just Aren't Worth Fighting

My daughter came downstairs yesterday morning before school wearing the following:

A long sleeved, hot pink shirt
A hot pink and purple plaid skirt
Pink, orange, yellow and blue flowered tights (large flowers!)
Pink and orange sneakers.

Ye gods.

Now, our usual deal is that she can pick her own clothes, but that I have veto power in the case of either hoochiness (unintentional at this point, thankfully) or seasonal inappropriateness.  I try very hard to keep my mouth shut in the case of crazy combinations of color or pattern that are otherwise okay in terms of skin coverage and weather conditions, but sometimes it's tough.

I could pick outfits for her, but I hate to do it.  And she is aware that sometimes her outfits are crazy, like yesterday's--when she came downstairs, she said, "Mom, I know this doesn't match, but I want to wear it anyway."

Who am I to argue with that??  I hope she always maintains that level of confidence even if she eventually decides to tone down her outfits!

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