Monday, April 15, 2013

Isn't It Ironic?

The Girl is a notoriously slow eater.  Not so much picky, just slow.  It takes her a good 45 minutes to eat her breakfast of cereal and yogurt.  Luckily for her, this year we don't need to leave to take her to school until a good 20 minutes after the boys' bus comes.  (This will change next year when she starts attending their school, which will be a tough adjustment for us all!)

At any rate, she was slow this morning, as usual.  We left a little later than we should have, as usual.  Our route to her school involves only two roads, both of them two-lane state routes with no real passing zones or side pullouts.  Midway to school, we got caught behind a semi, which was going a whopping 15 miles an hour and already had a line of about 20 cars stuck behind it.  Since I am actively making an effort to keep my blood pressure down these days, I just resigned myself to being late and let it go.  Which good cosmic attitude was rewarded half a mile later by the truck driver pulling over into a pullout on the other side of the road (!) so that we could all get by him.

At least he recognized that his truck was causing a traffic jam and did something about it.  But the ironic part?  When I passed him, I noticed the company name on the side of his semi: "Speed Transportation."  No joke!



  1. My husband still cracks up over the repair/tow truck for Citroen cars. It was a Toyota. Citroen didn't even trust their own brand for the heavy lifting. Talk about irony.


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