Friday, April 26, 2013

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

(Yes, I prefer to use the Oxford comma.  Sorry if it bothers you.)

Anyway, interesting evening yesterday.  Thing Two had a baseball game and the whole family went to watch.

The Good: Thing Two was awarded a game ball after the game.  Granted, I think mostly because he made an excellent defensive stop in the field with his shin rather than his glove and didn't cry, but he did have a couple of decent hits as well and he's one of the youngest on the team.  We were very proud. The whole team signed his ball and it is now in a place of honor on his bedroom dresser!

The Bad: The opposing team, whom we'd beaten handily last week, found their hitting form last night and the score was really ugly in their favor for the first few innings.  In the bottom of the last inning, we finally fought our way back with some really good hitting of our own and had the winning run on base, but ultimately had to settle for a tie instead.  (Okay, maybe this is more of a Disappointment than a Bad, but oh well.)

The Ugly: A jackass couple standing near me.  A friend of Thing One's was playing with my dog toward the end of the game, and for some reason these jerks were watching that rather than their nephew's baseball game.  They made a series of rude comments to me about how this child was interacting with the dog.  In an effort (possibly misguided) to get them to be more charitable, I mentioned that the child is autistic, and that if I'd thought there was a problem I would have separated him from the dog.  The woman responded that she teaches autistic children and suspected that to be the issue, but then continued to make inappropriate comments, including one about how the child's mother "never pays enough attention to his behavior."  Given that the child's mother is also a close friend of mine and that I happen to know that she's been to hell and back fighting for this kid over the years (besides which, she was sitting not 20 feet away), I was temporarily speechless.  A profane tirade was the first thing that came to mind, but I managed to bite it back because of the young children present.

God help the poor kids this bitch teaches.  Next time, she gets both barrels.    



  1. Aw. Why do people have to butt their noses in, especially to say something mean? Why bother?

  2. I hear you. I was so upset. Why couldn't they just let the poor kid have fun playing with my (sweet and tolerant) dog--right under my watchful eye, yet--and leave him alone?? The only good thing about the situation is that his mother did not hear these comments...they would have been horribly painful for her.


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