Thursday, April 4, 2013

Let Me Count The Ways

Tonight, there was a family roller skating night for our school at the local rink.

Thursdays are hell days for us.  I've written about that before.  The particular brand of hell varies with the season, but this time of year we have Thing Two's speech therapy right after school, immediately followed by three consecutive taekwondo classes for the kids.  The last thing on God's green earth I wanted to do was go directly to the skate night after all that!

But Thing One really wanted to go, so we did.  Himself picked up the younger kids from the dojo after their classes, and I drove the eldest the 15 or so miles to the rink so he could make the last part of the skating session with his friends.

He had a blast, and it made my heart happy to watch him zooming and crashing and goofing around with the other boys.  In the end, not so much of an effort for me, and eminently worth it for him.  But I did tell him on the way home that he needs to remember tonight anytime he has the slightest question about whether or not his mother loves him!!

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