Monday, April 1, 2013

Getting The Stink Out

Hi all, I need your help.

Last night, I very ill-advisedly forgot that I was simmering a ham bone for stock when I went to bed.  Thankfully, the smell of the pot burning woke me up some time later before there was a real crisis, especially since it turned out that the kitchen smoke detector was malfunctioning. No fire, for which I am deeply grateful, but I tossed one seriously scorched and completely trashed stockpot into the yard last night and into the trash this morning.

Which pot did, unfortunately, before its rapid exit from the premises, emit enough rancid smoke to make the entire house currently smell like a convention of smokers was in residence all weekend.  8 hours of open windows plus four Yankee candles only made a middling dent in the miasma.

Any suggestions for de-smokifying my house??  Please??


  1. Sorry, no tips for de-smoking ... but I will suggest a crockpot for future stockmaking!


    I have tried the lemon and baking soda methods myself. Yet another reason to hate open-plan kitchens!

  3. Thank you, Joan!! This was a huge help. And yes, NOLA...a crockpot next time! :)


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