Monday, March 24, 2014

All Ready For Halloween

In my defense, it was cold outside yesterday afternoon, not much above 40.  And Petunia had to come with me to Thing Two's two-hour soccer practice, because Thing One had a game at the same time and Himself is a coach, so she couldn't be on his sideline.

My mother made a special blanket for us a few years ago, after observing my kids shivering on the sidelines at a spring or fall baseball or soccer game--who remembers which at this point.  It was sewn with love from a double layer of very heavy flannel-like material, and I brought it with me to the field yesterday for Petunia.  Who promptly wrapped herself up in it like a mummy, head and all, and proceeded to play video games inside her warm cocoon.

It was very easy for me to forget that she was there, because she was being so quiet.  And the other parents near me had no idea that she was there at all.  Which made it very entertaining to watch their reactions when the 'blanket' sat up and started singing!

For October: a few good dramatic moans and groans instead and we're all set.

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