Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Gods Are Finally Smiling Upon Us

Spring!  Spring at last!!  Recording the blooms for posterity before the $#%%&$ deer eat them.

And in other good news, the miserable, effingly freezing winter we had did NOT in fact kill my beloved rosemary bush!  The center is gone like the wind, for sure, but I just looked more closely and the edges have clung tenaciously to life and are still green.  Take that, Jack Frost.  (Actually, don't.)


  1. I am glad for ya'll in the tundra. Out here we are known to curse at rosemary because IT JUST WON'T DIE.

    1. For my first six years in this house, our northern winters religiously killed off my rosemary. It being a Mediterranean plant sold as an annual in these parts. I became resigned to replanting every year. Then, the seventh year, I bought the magically hardy seedling that seemingly could not be defeated by cold...it makes me very happy to have stuck the one small thumb in winter's eye yet again!


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