Monday, March 3, 2014

How I Spent My Weekend

When I wasn't at basketball, of course: I present to you my newly repainted living room.  And my eternally-photobombing dog.

The burgundy wall is an accent wall: the other walls in that room are the cafe au lait color as well.  It is actually several shades lighter than the color in the dining room beyond, but you can't tell that from this picture because of the lighting differences.

It didn't occur to me to take a "before" shot, which is unfortunate.  Perhaps instead, you can imagine four mushroom-colored walls, painted shortly after we moved in and thoroughly dinged and dented from the years in which this space served as a playroom (why, in a home with three young children and no playroom space, would I even try to maintain a formal living room??)  The pre-painting spackling required turned the room into some awful sort of Pollockian parody, but fortunately a fresh coat of paint covers a multitude of sins and even the spackle-spotted mushroom walls were better than the gigantic cabbage rose-covered wallpaper that came with the house!

For the time being, this room will remain the music room/dojo--the piano and electric keyboard live here, and the remainder of the open space is perfect for practicing taekwondo forms.  And perhaps, eventually, now that we have older kids and a finished basement, it might even become a proper living room!


  1. Love those walls! I wouldn't think those colors would work together, but they do.

  2. Thank you! Believe it or not, the accent wall was my husband's idea. I figured it was worth a shot: worst case scenario, it would only take a dozen or so coats of the brown to cover the burgundy! ;)

  3. I also like your living room wall color selections. Are both those colors from Benjamin Moore? My husband also had the same idea for a burgundy accent wall to offset the burgundy leather sofa in our family room; and since he already painted a swatch of the wall "garnet", I thought I'd follow your lead.


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