Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I'm Not Evil, Really

Had to stop at the grocery store in the closest outpost of civilization today.  It happens to be owned by friends of ours, and they hire mentally (and/or otherwise) handicapped people as their baggers.  It really is a worthwhile program, and I am all for people doing the best that they can, whatever that might be.  If  your best is bagging groceries with a smile, more power to you for doing it and more power to the supermarket folks who hire you, too.  

That said, I do my very best to go to a checkout lane that has no bagger.  And it has nothing whatsoever to do with prejudice...I just want to bag my own groceries!  It's the OCD in me, you see.  When I unload my cart onto the belt, it is in an organized fashion so that it is easy to bag cold stuff together, heavy stuff together, light stuff together, produce together, etc.  I've yet to meet a bagger of any persuasion (in any grocery store) who notices this, and it makes me nuts.

So, despite the fact that I know it LOOKS like I am deliberately avoiding the mentally handicapped, I swear that I'm not...I'm just indulging my own mental problems!




  1. I am so tired of hearing my husband ( a keeper in every other way) say "Does it REALLY matter?". Yes, it does!

    1. Amen. So glad it's not just me!!!


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