Friday, March 28, 2014

I Call BS

The boys had soccer yesterday at their indoor training facility, which is at one end of an office building comprised mostly of small individual businesses.  While walking to the restroom, which is in the main hallway, I stopped to read the piece of paper taped on one of the hallway doors.

You may need to click on the image for it to be big enough to read: apologies for the bad photo quality but this was taken at speed with my iPhone.

I recognize that there are more things on heaven and earth that are dreamed of in my philosophy and all that, but BALONEY.  The last time I checked, diseases (or dis-eases...wonder if they use the hyphen specifically to differentiate...) were not the result of imbalanced auras, and I'm not at all sure that the word "science" legitimately belongs anywhere on this page!

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