Wednesday, February 27, 2013

114 Pounds Of Candy

And 24 prizes.  That was my shopping haul for the morning.

I am the poor benighted soul in charge of running my town's annual Easter egg hunt, and today I bought the candy and all the remaining prizes for it (I picked up 6 yesterday as well.)  This event is attended by hundreds of children, all of whom would actually like to find a few eggs, so these quantities are very reasonable.  But every year, some damn fool busybody feels compelled to say something stupid about my sugar-filled cart at Costco or Target.  Usually something about how my children will need a trip to the dentist after Easter or some such.  This morning, unfortunately, was no exception.

Uhhh, yeah.  Like I would buy a hundred-plus pounds of candy just for my own children.  Or even my whole neighborhood!  Dumbasses.

It's a lot of work to organize this event: buying the candy and prizes, getting the egg bins out of storage, organizing the group that fills the eggs, getting the filled eggs onto the fields, and supervising the hunt itself.  This will hopefully be my last year of doing it, although I do really enjoy watching the kids hunt for the eggs and get their prizes on the day.

The lady behind me in the checkout line at Target (seeing my stacks and piles of goodies and having overheard my conversation with the cashier about the Easter egg hunt) asked if I was a teacher.  I replied, "No, just a masochist."


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