Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ain't This The Truth...

Thing Two has had word problems in his math homework every day this week: an uphill battle for the two of us to get through, to say the least.  This cartoon made me laugh right out loud when I saw it today!

It also reminded me of this one:

I'm a biologist.  Biology is a discipline more geared toward those good with words than those good with numbers, unlike (e.g.) chemistry and physics.  I don't even want to discuss how many math, chemistry and physics classes I was required to take as a Biology major, though!  Ugh.  I got through calculus I and II entirely through the good graces of my college roommate, who was able to translate math into English for me.

And speaking of math atheism, one more...

Yes, I'm a dork.  But we already knew that.


  1. Word problems are so hard for kids but so important because they're the math we really use as adults.

    I think if I were teaching math again, I'd have them design word problems with math in their lives. "37 cookies and 16 people in the class" and "How many legos to fit this space" and things like that. And we'd draw and act everything out in those stupid textbook examples.

    I think the problem is that most kids have a really hard time visualizing what is read to them - not the math or its application but really the reading comprehension component. And that they're often so poorly written and so fantastical - like 60 cantaloupe!

  2. Reading comp is definitely our struggle here...sounds like a great way to teach math! Not nearly as exciting as your current life, though. ;)

    1. Ugh, if you call fleeing threats of revolutionary violence and the South Sudan ague as exciting ... (Everything will be fine when I feel better. But "may you live an interesting life" is definitely a curse sometimes!)

  3. You definitely live in interesting times!! Those who love and care about you must spend a lot of time worrying. ;) As long as you return in one piece, though, you'll have amazing stories to tell! I doubt sincerely that you will have many regrets of the "I wish I had taken the opportunity to do X..." variety on your deathbed...


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