Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Good Day

It snowed here overnight, enough to make things pretty but not enough to cause a real problem.  Glad I don't live in New England, anyway--their big nor'easter dropped close to three feet of snow on a college friend who lives in Connecticut.  (By the way, does anyone else think that Nemo is an unlikely name for a massive blizzard?  I keep envisioning the clownfish of the movie...not typically something I would associate with snow.)

Took the kids sledding this afternoon.  It was cold, clear and sunny.  The younger two had never been on sleds before, but I shouldn't have worried--both are good athletes and completely fearless!  We met up with half a dozen other families at the school hill, all of whom have boys Thing One's age, and the whole crew of kids hurled themselves downhill repeatedly on various plastic contraptions at the highest possible speeds.  Oh, to be a kid again...I SO wanted to join in.

When the wind picked up and they all started to stagger with exhaustion, we headed home for hot cocoa and popcorn in front of the fire.  Thing One was so fried and crabby that I banished him to his room (where he promptly fell asleep), but the other two helped me with laundry and vacuuming and even dinner prep!  Chicken and dumplings...delicious.  And they all ate it without complaining, which is a wonder in itself: we're still paying the price for letting them get away with eating hot dogs and chicken nuggets for too many years.

So, to recap: snow, sun, friends, sledding, warm fire, cooperative kids, good food.  I'll take it.


  1. I have been introducing exotic foods to my kids from the beginning, and they still only like pasta with ketchup. (shudder).

  2. Mine are slowly getting better, thank goodness. It used to be that every family dinner involved a battle with somebody, but we finally have a good solid core rotation of non-"kid" meals that the kids will all actually eat. In some form, younger son had last week's chicken piccata with ketchup instead of lemon caper sauce! Two steps forward, one step back. :) But your kids do eat the food you described from their school lunch menu?? If so, they are SO far ahead of mine still...


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