Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Good Dose Of Perspective

Very grumpy tonight by the time I finally sat down with the computer.  We seem to be raising a liar (or at least one who hides things to avoid consequences even though the discovery of the hidden is inevitable) and this is disturbing.  Feeling our way through this, parentally speaking.  And the *very* long day preceding the discovery didn't help anything.

But then, in the course of my evening wanderings of the Web, I came across the Scary Mommy site, particularly the Confessions section.  The idea is that here, you can post an anonymous Twitter-style confession or secret for venting purposes.  (Much like PostSecret, another of my favorite websites, but without the associated art and creativity.)

Looking at the first page or two of confessions, it seems like most of the people (presumably women) posting here are tremendously unhappy with their marriages, finances, children and in some cases, their lives in general.  Compared to this, I am so blessed in the grand scheme of things.  Yes, there are things with which we need to deal, and nobody has a perfect life.  But overall, I have so little to complain about.  A reality check, indeed!

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