Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Confirmed By Evite

We have a big St. Patrick's Day party every year.  I usually send out the invitations via evite because it is simple and efficient.  This year's invitation went out four or five days ago.

It's a big party: I think 33 couples were on the list this year.  Obviously, we're closer to some of these people than others.  There is one couple in particular whom we get along with fine, but who can be a bit elitist and socially judgmental sometimes.  Their son is a nice kid (despite this) and a good friend of Thing One's, so we end up being socially closer to their family than we might have been otherwise.

In any case, those who have never hosted an event on evite may not be aware that the host can see who has viewed the invitation and on what date(s).  In checking back periodically to see who has viewed the invitation (mainly to be sure that I have the correct emails for everyone and that the invitation has gotten through to all the intended recipients) I've noticed that the woman of this couple has checked the invitation every day.  I can only imagine that she is checking to see who has RSVP'd so far, so that they can use this information to decide whether or not they will be attending.

I'm honestly not trying to be uncharitable...if anyone can think of any other reason for her to do this, I'd love to hear it.  But I did find it socially interesting, and a likely confirmation of my previous take on her!

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