Sunday, February 24, 2013

Does Anyone Else Use Dog Commands On Their Children?!?

Shortly after our bouncing bundle of puppy energy came to live with us, I signed her up for obedience training.  Just the basics: I wasn't looking to turn her into a therapy (ha) or show dog, just a well-behaved family pet.  The trainer taught us a dozen or so commands in the first series of classes, all of which are brief and to the point (one or two words) and simple for the dog to understand and follow.

As it turns out, they are also simple for my children to follow.  Not that I deliberately use dog commands on my children, I swear--they pop out of my mouth unbidden in moments of frustration; I'm on autopilot after months of training the dog--but they work!  Cases in point from the last 24 hours:

Sit: Directed to Thing One as he was wandering around the kitchen this morning with his breakfast toast, scattering crumbs hither and yon.

Out: To Thing Two, as he laid waste to the inside of the refrigerator while trying to find a snack.

Leave it: To Thing Two, as he messed around with Thing One's saxophone case.

Off: To The Girl, who was sitting cross-legged on the coffee table while watching television.

They do say that keeping directions short and simple works for getting kids to listen and follow directions.  Not exactly breaking news, especially for kids with language processing issues.  But even so, I may still be inadvertently crossing a line here!  :)


  1. I used to do that with my teenage students all the time - it works! And with taxi drivers in Cairo the other day. "No. Stop. No." With the exact tone as with a disobedient puppy.

  2. This is so funny...I often feel like I talk to my daughter (and husband!) like they are pets. :)

    But if the shoe fits....


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