Friday, February 15, 2013

I Love Freecycle

Tonight, three large garbage bags of outgrown toys left my house, picked up by a woman who lives up the street for her grandchildren to play with at her house.  Win-win...those kids have new toys, and my basement playroom is less of a disaster area than it was previously!  We are having company tomorrow night: friends with children the same ages as Thing One and Thing Two, plus a toddler.  One of my rules is that the basement needs to be cleaned up before my kids have friends over, so while they cleaned this afternoon, I sorted.

I feel like I live my life in a constant battle against disorder.  Toys, papers, clothes, books...there is not a clear flat surface to be found in my home, ever.  It makes me insane.  I'm fighting a losing battle, of me and four of them (untidy beings all, my immediate family members) makes for a most unfavorable ratio of cleaners to messer-uppers.

The other day, I saw an article about giving up clutter for Lent.  The idea is to de-clutter an area of your home every day for the 40 days of Lent and fill up 40 bags to remove from the house.  Not sure I would be able to stick to that schedule (though God knows I have 40 bags' worth that could go!) but it's definitely a good idea.  And a hell of a lot more productive in the long run than a lot of things that people do for Lent.  At least tonight was a good start!

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