Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Rambling

Just found out that I'm head-coaching basketball again tomorrow morning.  Oh well.  At least I found out before midnight this time, and I still have my practice plan from the last time this happened.  And now we are scrimmaging at the end of practice, which makes my job easier because there is less time I have to fill.  This is all good, because no way in hell do I have the energy right now to go make up a new plan from scratch.

Himself said I was talking in my sleep last night (actually, his exact words were that I appeared to be addressing a stadium without a microphone, which I take to mean that I was speaking loudly.)  Oh well again.  I'm tired, and I talk in my sleep more often when I'm really tired.  My college roommate told me that I spoke Chinese in my sleep back then...don't think I do that anymore.  I asked Himself what I was saying last night, but he doesn't remember, more's the pity.  I'd be interested in the insight into my subconscious.

Another sparring week over at the gym.  No major injury and some improvement in technique, for both of which I am grateful.  A couple of long days in a row capping off the week, too; all craziness with kid schedules and logistics.  I've earned my wine, and plan to enjoy it this evening!


  1. Hope the basketball game is are a very dedicated parent to be a coach! I can't even imagine.

    Have a great weekend....

  2. Not sure dedicated is the right word..."insane" might be a better one! But thank you. :)


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