Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lordy, Lordy...

Look who's 40!!

It's John Glenn's birthday today.  Mine, too--I always thought it was cool to share my birthday with him.  He's a hair over 40, though.

Started out the day feeling old and creaky, but I wasn't allowed to get away with that while talking to my parents, who pointed out that they are 28 years older than I am and don't want to hear any griping out of any young whippersnapper, thank you VERY much.

It's a take-stock sort of birthday, but thankfully, there aren't too many things in my life I'd change if I could.  Loving family, good friends, good kids, good husband, and fairly decent physical shape: earned this in taekwondo class today.

First stripe on my Blue belt!  The march toward Senior Blue has begun.  I was 38 when I started studying taekwondo, and I wondered if I was too old...I remember distinctly telling somebody that I'd be 40 in two years and had to be nuts to be starting at my age.  They asked me how old I'd be in two years if I didn't take up martial arts.  Fair enough.  Two years and five belts later, I've made some good progress.  The instructor brought a cupcake with a candle in it to class today and everyone sang "Happy Birthday," which was pretty cool.  

Himself wanted to throw me a big party, but the thought of the hassle and attention just wasn't appealing.  I'm getting grumpy in my old age!  We compromised on a 'nice' family dinner out tomorrow instead.  This afternoon, I picked 15 cucumbers from one plant in my garden, went swimming with the kids, found one more cache, and made a simple dinner.  No fuss, no frills.  But I did celebrate with a ceremonial cupcake after dinner.

Couldn't resist the candle.

Happy birthday to me!!



  1. Happy belated birthday! Sorry I am late... We were in London, got back on Wednesday, yesterday the relatives turned up for a short stay. So I read your birthday update first. That birthday present from Thing One... Which is all the things you said as well as a tribute to the way you and Himself are raising your family. xx

  2. Thank you, Joan!! For the birthday wishes and the kind words about our parenting. ;) We try our best!

  3. Happy birthday, you youngun! ;) (I'm 45 this year - lawdy, how time flies, eh?)

  4. Thanks, NOLA! So far, the 40s don't seem too awful. ;)


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