Monday, July 22, 2013

The Heir Is Born!

And the previous 'spare' just got sparer.

Feeling a bit sorry for Harry, actually.  To the extent that royalty is not a completely meaningless anachronism these days, how galling must it be to think that the egg that became you happened to be released second instead of first, with such resounding consequences??  No wonder he acts this era of modern medicine, the odds of those before you in line conveniently popping off before siring children are much remoter than in bygone eras.  Even  though the current heir-in-waiting does have a comparatively dangerous job...not quite sure how that got past the official approval process.

And kudos to Kate for keeping the gender secret.  You don't think they knew??  No way...that crew of control freaks??  They knew it was a boy.   And Kate made that 'slip' deliberately to mislead everyone, dollars to doughnuts.  Of all the times that you don't want the world all up in your business, the day you give birth is pretty damn high on the list, and I'm sure that somewhere she is graciously smiling at the world's surprise about the 'boy' part of the announcement.  ;)

Leaving aside all the royalty bit and all it implies, boiled down to basics, a woman had a baby today.  Wishing her and her husband heartfelt congratulations, as all births deserve.

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