Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Found cache #1 of the series (the last one I needed) this afternoon.  I am nothing if not persistent...had to go back to the site twice to do it!  This one was right on a main road, and there's only so long you can look around at a time there without being completely obvious.  Was impressed by the ingenuity of the person who hid it, actually: I was poking around in the dirt under the sign that marked the correct spot, wandering through the weeds, overturning rocks, all to no avail.  Then I sat back and thought a minute, looked up at the sign, pulled off the reflector that was attached to the signpost and lo and behold, the cache was inside the reflector!  Got all the clues, figured out where to start looking for the mystery cache--so far, so good.  I am constitutionally unable to ignore a puzzle.

In other news, Thing Two had his second piano lesson today and is kicking butt.  Not only did he quickly grasp abstract concepts like what a note is and how to tell how long to hold it, he also practices like a mofo.  He may not have been quite as lucky in the genetic lottery as his brother, but he's going to be one hell of a pianist if he keeps this up!   Glad I let Himself talk me into getting the kid trial lessons for the summer...I underestimated him again.


  1. I suggested geocaching for the kids! Not to tap into your insanity! ;)

    (Spoken as somebody who also cannot let go at all. A friend recently asked why I finished law school. Um, because I started it?)

  2. The insanity ship sailed long ago, no worries! I control it at the level of what I allow myself to get into--for example, since I hear so much about how addictive the Candy Crush Saga game is, I am avoiding it like the bubonic plague. The geocaching thing I can do with the kids as one of my experiments in getting them into different things, at least...that last cache was a solo operation just because of the location right on a busy road.

    And funny that you finished law school because you started it. As a fourth-year graduate student I participated in a ten-week internship program at a patent law firm, which ended with them offering me a job as a patent agent and telling me that they would send me to law school at night. I respectfully declined because I was not about to quit on my doctorate four years into the program! That internship did indirectly get me my first job out of grad school, though...I'd have lost my mind doing patent prosecution, but contacts from there landed me in technology transfer, which I love. In that particular case, deciding to finish what I started paid off!

    1. That is funny because I quit my PhD program to go to law school. Not really - I left it because the good faculty had left and I couldn't get a committee together that was at all smart and interesting (I had a fabulous advisor but that's not enough of course), and I got pretty disenchanted with education research. So I went to law school, and it's a simplification to say that I finished it because I started it, but I have to have a good reason to quit something once I start. The job market crash two years in could have been my reason, but by then I'd already borrowed so much money that quitting was out of the question. I guess I'd never thought of it, so the glib response to her question.

      OK, we're both nuts! :)


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