Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I have no idea how we traveled in the bad old days pre-Apple.

Remember how I said a while back that we were going to try traveling a bit with the kids as part of the whole getting-them-out-of-their-rut thing?  This morning, we packed the hound off to her sitter's house and loaded the kids into the car for an overnight adventure.

If you have an iPhone and haven't yet tried the MapQuest app (which I believe is free) you need to. Really.  This morning, we plugged the address of an amusement park that is about two and half hours from the house into the MapQuest app, and got out-loud, turn by turn directions the whole way.  My 'navigator' skills are now completely obsolete.  We also subsequently got directions from the park to the hotel, found a kid-friendly place to eat dinner, and then located a movie theater showing Despicable Me 2 with nothing but said phone.  (And I have to admit that the Minions made me laugh out loud!)

So far, so good.  Kids had a good day and were so tired when we got back from the movie that all were asleep within a few minutes.  We have a suite: they are in one room together and our room is just off theirs.  And since Himself and I had the foresight to bring both of our iPads and a bottle of wine as well, we are having a lovely quiet evening ourselves now, recharging the batteries for another crazy day tomorrow before we head home.

Sure, we could have lugged maps and printouts and books with us, but it's nice not to have to.  A few small iDevices, changing the whole way we travel and making it simpler and more efficient.  Always a good thing when on the go with three little kids!!

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