Saturday, July 27, 2013

What A Difference Gender Makes

Took Petunia to a birthday party today.  It was held at the birthday-friend's house, a refreshing change from the current trend of ever more extravagant parties held at commercial venues or gyms or pools.  This particular party involved about ten little girls (and one boy) in bathing suits, a kids' wading pool full of soapy water, a giant sheet of plastic serving as a slip n' slide, water balloons, cake, snacks and a piñata.  The children had a blast.

This is the first party I've been to that was essentially all girls--not mixed, as is typical for younger kids, or all boys, as I've become accustomed to with my sons' parties.  What made me think about this was noticing HOW the kids were playing!  Specifically, they were not acting like the boys I know.

Had the partygoers been boys rather than girls:

1) somebody would have been doing cannonballs into the baby pool of soapy water
2) somebody would have broken an arm (leg, neck, etc) landing in some crazy manner on the slip 'n slide
3) two or more somebodys would have been having sliding races on the plastic sheet
4) there would have been a full-on water balloon war at some point
5) the phrase "hey Mom, watch this!" would have been heard multiple times.

At it happened today, everyone played together peacefully and went home injury-free.  It's going to take me some time to get used to girl behavior!

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