Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Thank God for the good folks of NORAD...their truly awesome Santa Tracker website is going to be the only thing that preserves my sanity today!  My sons will be glued to the computer all day watching Santa's progress across the globe and might learn some geography while they're at it (although Thing One the map-obsessed already knows more geography than his fifth grade teacher.)  The kid-excitement level around here has reached fever pitch...the boys have been bouncing around since 6AM and Petunia has not stopped talking for one second since her eyes opened this morning.  My ears are bleeding.  I made the kids waffles for breakfast and have been rocking my regular playlist from the iPad in the kitchen while cooking and cleaning up, since I officially hit overload on Christmas carols sometime yesterday with 24-plus hours still to go.

Watched Love Actually with Himself last night.  I've been amused by all the controversy about it lately.  It's a movie, people.  Chill.  I can think of a lot of movies that are less realistic and more disturbing if you need rant material.  Anyway, as usual, I found myself flipping off the screen every time Alan Rickman graced it (for the uninitiated, he plays an annoying and slimy--and married--character, who proceeds to make himself even more annoying and slimy as the movie proceeds by falling for his younger femme fatale assistant.)  The fact that his wife is played by my beloved Emma Thompson does not help matters...the older I get, the more I identify with her and resent society's glorification of the young and perfect.  Every time I see this movie, I'm reminded of the older, illustrious professor who came from another city to give a keynote speech to the students in our program at a meeting while I was in grad school and then proceeded to proposition me in an elevator, not two hours after discussing his wife and children at length at dinner.

Bah, humbug.  Maybe I need to go learn how to say something seasonal in a foreign language!  T minus about 20 hours and counting...

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