Saturday, December 14, 2013

That Could Have Been Really Ugly

Every December since Thing One was five or so, Himself and his mother have taken our kids to Nearest Big City to see some of the holiday light shows.  It's their tradition.  I've been invited each year, but have been permitted to beg off in favor of having a free day for getting things done or for just taking a break in the middle of a chaotic month!  This is the first year I've gone along, and this year my sister-in-law and nephews came for the first time as well, making a grand total of four adults and five kids aged ten, eight, six, six and four.

This trip involves driving to my in-laws' to meet up with the crew, driving to the train station from there, and then catching a train into the city, so it is quite a production, and there is no quick exit back home or possibility of separating from the group.  Which became a problem when, halfway through the morning, Thing One started telling me that his stomach hurt.

At first, I thought it was a muscle injury--he'd done an unaccustomed number of sit-ups on Thursday for fitness testing in gym, and a quick kiss on his forehead established that he was not running a fever.  We watched light show #1, walked to a nearby theater to see 'A Christmas Carol," and then had lunch.  Midway through lunch, I looked over at him and could immediately tell from his face that All Was Not Well.  Not being anywhere near my usual purse or any of the first-aid and cleanup supplies I normally keep in my car, I had a feeling we were in for it, but I grabbed a handy plastic bag from the lunch table and put it in the tote I was carrying just in case.

Our last itinerary item was one final light show.  Thing One was looking somewhat better, and since the light show was relatively brief and on the way back to the train station, we decided to chance it.  While waiting in the lobby of this building for the show to start, he turned to me, gave me an anguished look, and then proceeded to completely empty his stomach in a most projectile-like manner.  Thank God for that bag in my tote...I got it out and into position just in time, or there would have been a SERIOUS mess in that lobby.  Whew.

Once he got whatever was bothering him out, he felt completely fine.  If that was a bug, it's the darnedest one I've ever seen.  Guess the acid test will be whether any of the remaining eight of us get it.  At least the trip home went completely without incident after that.  Never a dull moment with this parenting gig!  


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