Wednesday, December 4, 2013


In the last three days, I have paid over $2500 in repair/maintenance bills for our two cars.  No accidents or other crises, just things breaking or wearing out and needing to be replaced.  Ouch.  I have had multiple kid activities every day after school plus an evening event each of those three days, in addition to the usual daytime insanity and drama (and the car appointments.)  Oh, and Thing One nearly got himself killed in the church parking lot this evening on his way into CCD.  Perhaps one of these days he will actually learn to look before he dashes off into traffic...I maintain that one of his goals in life must be to make me watch him die.  As you may imagine, I do not support him in this endeavor.

On the plus side, at least the dermatologist didn't find anything exciting at my semiannual checkup this morning.  This is something that I do not take for granted: I absolutely dread these visits, but make them religiously anyway and also personally keep the sunblock and sun-protective-clothing industries in business.  (Fair skin and a tropical upbringing do not mix well.)

Time for a nice glass of wine and some Angry I told my squabbling kids on the way home in the car tonight, "Mom. Has. Had. Enough."


  1. Ha! I told my youngest tonight, through clenched teeth, that I was very, very stressed out and that I expected him to let go of the attitude and turn it around. Immediately. I don't play Angry Birds, but I do get lost in WordFeud. Thank god.

  2. To each of us our own small diversions that keep us sane! ;)


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