Saturday, December 7, 2013

He Rocked It!

Himself finished today's marathon with a time of 3:27.27.

For those like me who can't readily do mile-split calculations in their heads, that works out to 26.2 freaking 7:55-minute miles in a row!  He beat his marathon PR (personal record) by about two and a half minutes, which is HUGE.  I was standing at the finish, watching the clock inch inexorably closer and closer to his goal time of 3:30 and whispering "Come on, baby.  Come ON, baby..." to myself as I anxiously scanned the incoming runners, looking for his blue shirt.  When he turned the corner onto the home stretch, the clock said 3:27.03 and that was just a beautiful sight.

This race didn't go so well for him last year, so it was great to see all the training pay off this time around.  His great finish made all the standing out in 40-degree wind at various mile markers with energy gels and drink bottles for him worth it!


  1. I really respect his dedication!

    I walked a marathon once. Trained for many months and then completed the Los Angeles Marathon. (No way will my joints let me run far.) I have no desire to ever do it again.

  2. My knees won't let me run either. I think I understand the appeal of racing, but not enough to try it myself. ;) Even walking a marathon is pretty darned impressive...way to go!


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