Thursday, May 30, 2013

He Did It!

Thing Two's last baseball game of the season was tonight.  Although he was hitting well for most of the season, for the last few games he has been the king of strikeouts.  Not sure what happened, but all of a sudden something changed with his swing and he hasn't been able to buy a hit to save his life.  He's been down about it, and it's been tough.  We really didn't want him to end the season in a slump and have that to remember his first real baseball season by for the next ten months.

Tonight, he batted three times.  The first time, blessedly, he got a hit.  A dribbling worm-burner, but enough to get him to first, and he subsequently came in for a run.  The second time, he struck out.  It all came down to the third at-bat for him.

Which, as my old friend Murphy's Law would have it, came in the bottom of the last inning with his team down one run and two outs already on the books.  NOT, to put it mildly, a situation in which you want your kid to be batting if he's in a slump and it's the last game of the season.  Another strikeout would mean game over and a loss.  We cringed in expectation through the first two strikes.

But the third time he swung, he hit a whopper of a line drive that brought in two runs, the second of which won the game for his team!  You've rarely seen a happier boy.  Or happier parents!

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