Friday, May 24, 2013

Not All Bad

I posted several times yesterday about the crazy day I was having, which involved a lot of running around, one major mommy-gaffe in the form of inadvertently keeping my daughter home on a day she was supposed to be at school, and a long, hot elementary school band concert in the evening.  I admit freely that I was fried and ready for a nice glass of wine and some peace and quiet when we got home, but it really wasn't a bad day overall.

I enjoyed having the extra time with Petunia.  The band concert went well, all things considered.  Thing One played his little heart out and looked so darned handsome in his white shirt and tie, nice pants and dress shoes.  I helped him get dressed and immediately took a picture before he could mess himself up!  (His normal taste in clothing runs more toward baggy t-shirts, basketball shorts, and sneakers.)  Both Thing Two and Petunia behaved well the whole time we were at the concert.

And, as the icing on the cake, there was this.

This is my Senior Green taekwondo belt (the two ends of it, anyway.)  The black stripes indicate that I know the techniques, self-defenses and form for this level.  The green stripe is for sparring.  And the red one, with yesterday's date on it??  That's the one signifying that I have been deemed ready to test for the next belt up.  It's the big kahuna, the last stripe applied to any given belt.  

Next Tuesday evening, I will test for my Blue belt.  This will be my sixth belt.  Still nowhere near Black, but solidly mid-level.  Pretty cool.  Wish me luck!!   

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