Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It Must Be Almost Time To Go

Because I have officially reached the point where I am thinking that it would have been easier if I had just planned to stay home alone with the kids instead of accompanying my husband on this out-of-town jaunt.

The last three days have been a nonstop exercise in cleaning, cooking, shopping, and laundry to get everything in a leavable state here.  Notifying everyone (bus drivers, teachers, schools) that my in-laws will be with the kids.  Writing down all the notes for how much to feed the dog and the school bus times and who has which sporting event where and when (etc etc) while we're gone.  Plus a meeting Monday night and a baseball game last night.  I am very, very tired.

And I haven't even begun to pack yet.  Barely even thought about it, to be honest.  Which is a problem since there will doubtless be at least a few catty females who will care about what I'm wearing once I get there.  And I've been informed that we are leaving between 6 and 7 tomorrow morning, which (knowing my husband) means that he will be up by 5 and in the car by 5:45, impatient to be off!



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