Sunday, May 26, 2013


I really don't like holiday weekends, mainly because they are holidays for everyone but me: somebody still has to cook, clean up, make sure there is food in the house, do laundry, and referee kid squabbles.  And there is more of all of the above going on than usual during holiday weekends precisely because everyone is home!  The fundamental caregiver/homemaker responsibilities don't magically disappear just because the homemaker would like to have a day or two off as well.  In addition to all the regular stuff, kids still have birthday parties to attend: the gifts don't magically appear or wrap themselves, and Cinderella's coach doesn't appear to chauffeur them to these events.  There is a family barbecue tomorrow: our contribution for that event won't prepare itself either.  I'll be at the grocery store picking up ingredients for that later this afternoon.  

My idea of an ideal vacation, at this stage of my life?  A day off.  By myself.  Just one (no sense being greedy!) but really off.  Perhaps outside on a beautiful day, in a shaded swing with a book.  With nobody requiring feeding or cleaning up after or zipper help or walking or shoe-tying or taking somewhere or otherwise entertaining.  No household chores, either.

And blessed quiet, for Pete's sake.  I'm a sociable enough being, but since childhood I have always retreated periodically to a quiet place to recharge my batteries when I've had enough of people and/or ruckus.  Try doing that in a house with three children and a needy dog: somebody is always yelling through the door (or scratching at it, in the case of the dog) even when I'm in the bathroom!!

Bigtime first world problem.  I know.  But weekends in general and holiday weekends in particular are actually more stressful for me than weekdays, and I think there's something wrong with this picture.

One cranky Mama signing out, and wishing you all a better attitude and greater appreciation of your blessings than I am able to muster right now!  

ETA: In all fairness, I should note that when I wrote this, Himself was at a park with Thing Two for another birthday party and had the other two kids with him as well, so I could go grocery shopping in peace.  He's a keeper...don't mean to make him out as anything less here.

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  1. I hear you. Not even a gracious husband taking the kids for a couple hours can equate really being off - no meals, no talking, no cleaning, no one to think about but soi!


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