Sunday, May 19, 2013

Oh No You Don't

Both of our first two children were boys.  As much as I love them, I really wanted a girl too.  Himself said he'd do his best to throw me an X chromosome on our third go-round (which was to be final, no matter what we got)--his only condition was that if he succeeded, I had to deal with anything relating to hormones, boys and drama going forward.  

I agreed, which falls squarely into the category of Famous Last Words.

Fast forward to this year.  The Girl gravitates to every boy in the area.  Or they gravitate to her, more precisely.  She is a beautiful child, but it is more her spunk and spirit that draws them in, as far as I can tell.  A boy two years older than she invited her to his house for a playdate on about two minutes' acquaintance the other day...I thought Himself was going to pop a blood vessel!  He's about ready to buy a shotgun and start cleaning it on the front porch. 

It isn't bad enough that she's already engaged to one of the boys in her class at school.  Yesterday, she had a playdate with two others.  They are twins, so they come over as a set.  The three of them were upstairs playing in her room, and I was in the kitchen getting a few things done, with one ear directed up the open stairway to the bedrooms.  They are all young, and these are nice little boys, so having them upstairs in her room together was not of major concern.  Until I heard one of the boys talking about taking off his pants, anyway!!

I'd forgotten about her dress-up box, which contains not only an abundance of princess dresses and such, but also all her brothers' old Halloween costumes.  This boy was innocently trying to put on one of the old racecar-driver suits from the box, but he couldn't pull it on over his shorts.  The other boy and my daughter were dressed to the nines from the box as well, but fortunately both still had all their clothes on.  After sprinting up the steps to see what the hell was going on up there, I had a quiet chat with my daughter in the hall about the need to leave the room when boys are changing! 

The boys went home at the end of the playdate, and about an hour later, we were due at a friend's house for dinner.  This friend happens to have a son about The Girl's age, as did another guest.  Both of these women are longtime friends of mine, and their sons of The Girl's.  Within five minutes of arriving at the house, my daughter asked if she could go and play upstairs with these two boys.  I told her she could only go if she brought Thing One with her as a chaperone.  This kid is going to be a menace when she actually discovers boys...she's giving her father gray hair already!                 

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