Friday, May 3, 2013

Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine

Had a rotten day yesterday.  It was a blivot of a day, to start: events and responsibilities positively overflowing the bounds of the day and my patience.  Topped off, to add insult to injury, with a report that my boys have been acting up on the school bus.

Woke up still annoyed this morning, with a bruised knee from yesterday's taekwondo class to boot.  Made the correct and adult (but aggravating!) decision to sit out this morning's class so as not to worsen the injury, then spent two hours dealing with paperwork relating to various bureaucratic things (tedious) and Thing One's eventual appointment with the doctor who will tell us if he has ADD or is just bored at school or both (upsetting.)  By the time I dropped off his doctor's admission paperwork at her office, I was really not in a good mood.

Fortunately, I also had plans to get together with some of my taekwondo girlfriends for lunch today.  Seven of us met for Thai food, and the conversation had us laughing so hard we were crying!  My mascara was running by the time we left the restaurant, two hours after we first sat down.  And in those two hours, my whole outlook on the day shifted.

Which is a really good thing, since Himself jetted off to New Orleans this morning for Jazzfest with the guys and won't be back till Sunday.  We'll see if there's still a smile on my face by the time he gets back!      


  1. YOUR HUSBAND WENT TO JAZZ FEST AND LEFT YOU AT HOME??!! If I were in New Orleans right now, I would be very upset. Sigh. I'm bummed to miss it.

  2. He goes to Jazz Fest every year and leaves me at home! This is a guys' trip dating back to before we even met: it's all attorneys who worked with him at the firm in Houston way back when and are now scattered across the country. I try very hard not to resent him for this, but I admit that I have trouble with it.


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