Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Have Officially Exhausted My Right Brain For The Week

As much as I love to bake, this was not the week to have to create a beautiful cake (let alone two!) for teachers at our school and present them in a fancy manner.  We leave tomorrow for a long weekend trip, and I am officially a basket case.  Today is going to be one of those days, I can just tell.  And of course, it's pouring rain, too.

But, I did make my cakes and deliver them to school.  I found this recipe online, which looked pretty and not too terribly complicated.

This is what my cakes looked like:

Not quite as pretty as the one on the website, but the heck with it.  (Notice the dog in the background?  Just saw that!  She invariably sleeps where she can keep one eye on me.)

And as wrapped and ready to deliver:

Now, to return to the regularly scheduled programming of cleaning and packing and writing childcare instructions for my in-laws!


  1. Mission accomplished! Enjoy your weekend-- you can sleep in the car.

  2. I will be relaxing in the car for the first time this week! The last three days have been a mad sprint, but once I hit the car tomorrow I will be off the clock. I've been checking things off my to-do list all day, which is a satisfying feeling, anyway. :)


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